about us

Our story begins in Hawaii, dancing to the music beats at a local oceanside coffee shop on the Big Island. Since that night in March of 2016, it has been a whirlwind of adventuring, relationship strengthening, and pursuing our faith as we continually seek guidance in finding our greater purpose. Together, we stand united in our belief that change starts with us. Throughout our global adventures, we have both realized the importance of integrating into each community and taking intentional steps to create change and serve others along the way.

As we begin our travels, we want to stay rooted in our values and beliefs. We intend to connect with other individuals and organizations who are working toward a more mindful, conscious, and environmentally sustainable future. Our goal is to highlight and share these unique opportunities for others to experience while traveling. Join us on our journey of exploration as we live each day with intention and purpose.




Ryan is an avid explorer, adventure seeker, nature photographer, and has a love for life! He has a passion for discovering untouched landscapes, connecting with unique cultures, and making life-long friendships across the globe. From hitch-hiking the Eastern Coast of Australia to riding elephants through the jungles of Northern Thailand to trekking on camels across the Rajasthan sand dunes to exploring nearly all of Nicaragua's unique volcanoes, Ryan has truly been blessed with a life filled with adventure.

In 2013, Ryan's life completely changed when he was invited to join a non-proft organization that raised $103,000 for Sarcoma cancer. For five months, Ryan and two other incredible brothers ran 3,187 miles from San Francisco to Ocean City, Maryland. Through this experience, Ryan he has found that traveling with more intention and service brings much more fulfillment in life.

For the past three years, Ryan has gained extensive leadership experience managing the Recreation Department at a resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. In this recent year, Ryan has found the love of his life, deeply strengthened his relationship with God, and developed his character more than any chapter of his life. He is ready to seek the unknown and capture this beautiful life journey through the eye of his camera lens.



Corinne is an adrenaline junkie, teacher, avid reader, journal writer, ocean enthusiast and connoisseur of cultural cuisines. She has developed her deep-rooted values from her family and faith-filled upbringing encompassed in love and compassion.

From a young age, Corinne has always loved to travel. Growing up in a family filled with airline employees, Corinne adopted the traveling/vagabond lifestyle naturally. The trip that changed everything for Corinne was a family mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she realized there was more to traveling than just a vacation. It was after this where her perspective on life and traveling changed drastically. 

She began to seek out opportunities and travel experiences where she was able to make a difference and find a more meaningful purpose in life. Whether it was planting native trees at a biological reserve in Ecuador, hiking from Lisbon to Santiago on a religious pilgrimage to deepen her faith while forming relationships with people from all over the world or moving to Hawai'i Island to serve disadvantaged students for the past three years, Corinne has found more fulfillment in seeking these deep-rooted experiences throughout life.  

Wherever Corinne visits or resides, she is always seeking to find deeper meaning, make connections, and fully encompass the experiences God places in her path. She plans to continue creating these memories on her travels to come.